The Escalante's

Educating and Serving Future Peacemakers in Bethlehem

Joshua and Rachel have been teaching at the Jerusalem School of Bethlehem since the beginning of 2017. They came in January of that year with their 4 children.
They met in 1999 after Rachel had returned from teaching a year in Jerusalem, at JSB’s sister school, Jerusalem High School in East Jerusalem. They worked together in youth ministry for Campus Life/Youth For Christ in the U.S. before getting married and attending University in their hometown of San Diego, California. In 2008, they began attending church services at Maranatha Chapel and later became active in home fellowship growth-groups, leading a weekly group. In 2016, they felt God calling them back to full time ministry and came to be a part of the JSB family.
Joshua is a homeroom teacher in the 4th grade teaching English Language arts, Bible and Science. His degree in communication from San Diego State University helps him teach grammar and writing effectively to his ESL students. He loves teaching children that the nature and person of God can be discovered in the midst of our studies when we look for Him.
Rachel has a degree from UCSD in History and teaches World History and Geography in the high school. Rachel also leads a Bible Study for the high school girls in their home every week.
Their hearts are committed to the students and families of this school and the community here in Bethlehem.

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JSB teachers are Christians workers who rely on support for 100% of their income.