Alfred and Kylee Khuri

Responding to a call to minister and educate.

The Khuri's Story

Alfred and Kylee Khuri teach Jr. High and High School at JSB.

Alfred teaches Bible and Science, as well as coaches high school basketball at JSB. He is a graduate of Jerusalem High School, the sister school of JSB. He attended Liberty University and earned his Bachelor’s degree in Business Marketing. Alfred returned to serve with the organization that helped shape who he is today. His desire is to give hope to the kids who are confined by walls and lack of opportunity.

Alfred met Kylee as soon as he returned to the country in May of 2015 and they both share a heart for missions.

Kylee has taught 3rd grade, Jr. High English, and High School History during her time at JSB. She moved to Bethlehem as soon as she graduated from Southeastern University with her BS in Secondary Social Science Education in 2014. Kylee’s favorite part about teaching at JSB is the personal relationships she gets to build with the girls in the school. She is able to invest in them and show them Jesus in a real way.

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